We thought you might like to know a little more about us.

We are the Skittery family, and we took over Jus, now known as Skittery in 2006, when the previous owner retired.

We started by just supplying the apples to Jus, but eventually, we combined forces with the original owner in producing apple juice until her retirement and Jus became ours.

The business remains in the same Herefordshire village where it all started. We pride ourselves in taking a truly artisan approach, by using only tree ripened, in season apples that are carefully hand picked off the trees, to ensure they are not bruised or dirty – we believe you wouldn’t eat a bruised apple why would you drink it! We lovingly process the best quality apples into juice.

Our customers can be assured that our juice contains no added, only natural sugars and we only add vitamin C to the juice to stop it turning brown.  Being in charge of the process ourselves, enables us to maintain the quality, integrity and delicious taste of our apple juice.  The apples used in our apple juices is from the Skittery farm or sourced from other local farms in Herefordshire that we trust.

As a family, we love our juice, drink our juice and are always happy to answer any questions, so please feel welcome to get in touch.


enquiries@jusapples.co.uk     Tel: 01531 670 749

JUS, Birchley, Aylton, Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 2QH


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